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Building Confident Investors

Rather than forcing investors to sift through textbooks on technical analysis before they can act on a stock, we offer bite-sized, easy to consumer educational details on each trade idea. This puts every asset in context in the exact moment the investor needs it, making it easier to understand and more actionable.

We put all the cards on the table

We clearly lay out the full risks and rewards of each trade idea. For example, in our Options Newsletter, we comparing an options strategy to a stock idea, investors can understand the value of Options and discover what their missing out on!

We ditched the jargon

By using concise and descriptive language, we make investing an approachable endeavour, allowing more investors to learn.

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Begin each week off on the right foot with a personalized overview of global markets, written just for you by TC research desks.
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Options Ideas

Help break the barrier and get more investors into Options trading. We educate investors on the basics of Options by breaking down a valid trade idea every week.

Market Newsletter

Unique trade ideas from emerging Technical Event opportunities through a daily newsletter.
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Strategy Newsletter

Sends regular updates on assets of interest based on the top-down methodology of our awarded Analyst Views product!
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