Featured Ideas

Personalized trade ideas in real-time.

Featured Ideas delivers live bullish or bearish investment ideas based on technical and fundamental analysis, and support by backtested strategies. The combination of fundamental and technical analysis combined with backtesting makes Featured Ideas an ideal idea generation tool for all investor-types.

Trade ideas… made just for you.

Tailor ideas to your individual preferred currency pairs, holding timeframes and technical analysis methods with our automated and personalized settings. Featured Ideas will scan the universe of trade ideas and deliver only those relevant to your unique style.

Building confident investors

Featured Ideas offers a uniquely transparent and educational experience. Develop a foundation in technical analysis with the educational commentary which shows how each trade is put together, the different Technical Events found and price targets to look out for.

You can ‘watch’ a trade idea to hang on to it and check back later, allowing you to see how that idea performed over time and act confidently in the future.

Track & time your trades effortlessly

Interact with each Technical Event found on live charts. You can track a price in real-time and watch as it reaches it’s target. View a larger interactive chart to zoom or expand view and watch as price change.

Key Features

Multi-factor Trade Ideas:

Trade ideas are based on not only individual chart patterns, such as a Triangle but confirmed by another Technical Event such as a MACD crossover so you can see a greater weight of evidence and can make confident decisions.

Responsive and Touch-Friendly Design:

Keep your analytics close and swipe through the different trade ideas with our mobile friendly design. You can even send a personal link to your mobile phone to check in on your ideas anywhere anytime.

Flexible Delivery: